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Franklyn D. Resort

Runaway Bay, Jamaica

FDR features all of the amenities of a large resort in an intimate setting where families can enjoy each other while playing in the warm Jamaican sun. Attentive, friendly staff are everywhere to ensure that you are having the best vacation ever. This is all highlighted by FDR’s exclusive Girl Friday Program, featuring your own nanny who comes to your room at 9am ready to make your day run smoothly. Whether it’s supervising the children in the Kids Activity Center, making up your room or restocking your in-room refrigerator, these well-trained specialists make FDR a premier family travel spot. The entertainment staff are friendly, enthusiastic and fun. Don’t be surprised to find yourself caught up in a variety of playful pursuits including crab and goat racing. There are three small beaches, not the wide expanse of white sand you might expect, but the cozy coves are safe and gentle. This all-inclusive resort features good food and plenty of it in a beautiful sea-side setting. There are plenty of dining options for the kids and enough variety to please parents. The open bar was a pleasure, and the kids loved ordering their own alcohol-free versions of island Daiquiris. The rooms (actually they are all suites), regardless of the size, were spacious, clean and comfortable. Full kitchens, while almost superfluous due to the generous amounts of food, featured sinks and full sized refrigerators.

Additional Notes:
The pool is small and often crowded. The water sports shack was undermanned and poorly outfitted. FDR is a long drive from the Montego Bay airport, nearly and hour and a half. Kids who have just sat through a plane ride can get very antsy.

Price for family of four, seven days: $3,500 One bedroom suite. (All Food beverages, activities, transfers and taxes included)

  • Family Services(98)
  • Programs(78)
  • Staff(98)
  • Physical Plant(90)
  • Food Service(85)




A Seal of Approval review involves a multi-step process conducted over an eight-week period.

Parents and children, experience and review submitted products and services either already released or coming to market.

Participants fill out questionnaires for each product or service they test. They score based on 13 levels of criteria including quality, appeal, design, price, packaging, directions, desirability, stimulation, replay factor and more. Results are based on both statistical averaging and comments received by testers.

There are three testing periods each year:

Report Period


FALL ‘22


Testing Begins

February 15th

June 1st

September 1st

Submission Deadline

March 10th

June 24th

September 23rd

Testing Ends

April 24th

July 31st

October 30th

Report Issued

May 10th

August 17th

November 16th

Each submission must be accompanied by a $295 product testing fee (we offer multiple submission discounts). This fee covers the cost of testing, nothing more. It is non-refundable and has no bearing on the result of the testing. Additionally, we require three samples of the product or access codes for online submissions.

FYI about the Seal of Approval

* Winners of the Seal will be announced in a media release which is distributed to over 4700 media outlets including Facebook, Mommy bloggers and TV station websites.

* The report is forwarded to buyers at over 350 major retail and on-line stores including Amazon, Walmart and Target. Amazon features Seal winners on product pages.

* Each report is featured at TNPC’s web site as well as TNPC’s Twitter & Instagram accounts and Facebook Page.

* Links to company websites and a license to utilize the trademarked Seal of Approval artwork on marketing, packaging and web design are available exclusively to Seal winners for additional fees.

* Submitting a product does not secure or guarantee being awarded a Seal of Approval

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