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Bermuda Pirates

Foxmind’s Bermuda Pirates doesn’t feature any high-tech gadgetry, but it does have magnets, and they are the engine that makes this game Zing! Those magnets keep players on the edge of their seats with the constant element of surprise lurking. There are magnetic boats, gems to capture, and hidden magnetic whirlpools that end up sending the gems flying through the air. The game board doesn’t look that different from many other board games when you first open the box, though it is very visually appealing. The action happens underneath it with the random placement of 4 different magnetic bases. Each time the game is set up, you are creating a unique magnetic configuration. The magnets all look alike, so you really don’t know what’s in store. The fun begins as soon as the game starts. All that is required to play Bermuda Pirates is fine motor skills and memory. Gameplay involves using one finger to push the back of the boats along the high seas. Inevitably, your boat will hit a whirlpool and have to return to shore for repairs. What makes these “accidents” unique is when the boat is loaded with gems. The whirlpools turn the boats into gem catapults leaving you to helplessly watch your booty vanish. The key to keeping your gems is remembering where not to sail your ship. This is a great way to practice memory with kids and feebly attempt to keep adult memory loss at bay. Testers noted that the gems are very small — they have to be to fit on the boats and be light enough to fly. As such, they can also be easy to lose track of if they fly too far. Because of the small playing pieces, FoxMind suggests a pretty high recommended age. Parents really appreciated that safety consideration. Bermuda Pirates is a simple, enjoyable game that would make a great addition to any family’s Game Night rotation.

Recommended Age: 7 and up
Price: $ 29.95

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