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Spring 2020

BriteBrush GameBrush

If you have one of those kids who hates brushing his or her teeth, you know the child who refuses to open their mouth or tries to fool you with wetting the toothbrush (or was that just us?), then you are going to want to read on? The BriteBrush from WowWee could be your salvation both from the daily battle and perhaps expensive dental bills! This brush works its magic by motivating your child to keep up with their oral hygiene and not just by brushing their teeth daily but brushing their teeth correctly and for the correct amount of time. You’ve probably heard by now that the magic number for teeth brushing is two minutes. Well, for a kid that seems like an eternity, or it used to. With BriteBrush, two minutes goes by super fast as your child plays one of the brush’s seven games. Ingeniously, the games have four sections that correspond to the four quadrants of the mouth. Not only will your child hear all kinds of fun sounds and directions while brushing their teeth, but they will also receive a score for their overall brushing effort, which in turn lets you monitor their brushing habits without watching their every brush. BriteBrush is easy to use and comes with everything to kick start your child’s fun and exciting new brushing routine. The only thing missing for parents? The adult version!

Recommended Age: 5 and Up
Price: $ 19.99

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A Seal of Approval review involves a multi-step process conducted over an eight-week period.

Parents and children, experience and review submitted products and services either already released or coming to market.

Participants fill out questionnaires for each product or service they test. They score based on 13 levels of criteria including quality, appeal, design, price, packaging, directions, desirability, stimulation, replay factor and more. Results are based on both statistical averaging and comments received by testers.

There are three testing periods each year:

Report Period


FALL ‘22


Testing Begins

February 15th

June 1st

September 1st

Submission Deadline

March 10th

June 24th

September 23rd

Testing Ends

April 24th

July 31st

October 30th

Report Issued

May 10th

August 17th

November 16th

Each submission must be accompanied by a $295 product testing fee (we offer multiple submission discounts). This fee covers the cost of testing, nothing more. It is non-refundable and has no bearing on the result of the testing. Additionally, we require three samples of the product or access codes for online submissions.

FYI about the Seal of Approval

* Winners of the Seal will be announced in a media release which is distributed to over 4700 media outlets including Facebook, Mommy bloggers and TV station websites.

* The report is forwarded to buyers at over 350 major retail and on-line stores including Amazon, Walmart and Target. Amazon features Seal winners on product pages.

* Each report is featured at TNPC’s web site as well as TNPC’s Twitter & Instagram accounts and Facebook Page.

* Links to company websites and a license to utilize the trademarked Seal of Approval artwork on marketing, packaging and web design are available exclusively to Seal winners for additional fees.

* Submitting a product does not secure or guarantee being awarded a Seal of Approval

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