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Holiday 2020

Count & Win Sports Center

The Count & Win Sports Center is an excellent way for children to get exercise while learning to count at the same time. It is extremely easy to put together, comes with everything you need, and the balls are pre pumped, so you dont have to track down your air pump. It is solidly made and endures even the most enthusiastically rambunctious young athletes. The soccer target is great for being able to take aim and kick toward a goal, but the basketball is designed more for dunking than three-pointers. Parents wished the hoop was larger so that longer ranger shots were possible. The buttons on the top of the sports center are self-explanatory and easy to press to toggle between games. The verbal prompts before and after each basket and goal are positive and encouraging, and the unit displays the number so children can both hear and see the numbers as they score. Additionally, the gears on the soccer goal’s side are fun to play with and make a cranking sound while they are turned and are great for any young folks that love wheels and gears. This is a great toy for active children and parents who look for opportunities to incorporate learning into playtime. It is age-appropriate for young folks, but it is also a great way to get younger and older children to play together.

Recommended Age: 1 year and Up
Price: $ 39.99

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Parents and children, experience and review submitted products and services either already released or coming to market.

Participants fill out questionnaires for each product or service they test. They score based on 13 levels of criteria including quality, appeal, design, price, packaging, directions, desirability, stimulation, replay factor and more. Results are based on both statistical averaging and comments received by testers.

There are three testing periods each year:

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* Each report is featured at TNPC’s web site as well as TNPC’s Twitter & Instagram accounts and Facebook Page.

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