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Fall 2020


For those families looking for a new way to discipline their children with positive reinforcement effectively, the Goodtimer might be just what you are looking for. Goodtimer is based on praise instead of punishment when it comes to encouraging children to follow the house rules. The package comes with a book that explains what the device does and how parents can most effectively use it. It’s a cute story, with fun graphics that help engage kids to be part of the family that respects the rules. It also offers a system by which parents can give out rewards. Once you’ve explained the rules, you can set off the device, which is relatively simple to set up. It is customizable, and you can change the difficulty levels. The instructions show you can have a hugely diverse group of settings. The device stays on all day – for 8 hours if your kid is 3 to 11 and 12 hours for 12 and above. Every now and then the device will speak a positive phrase, telling your child that they are doing well. If, however, the child doesn’t follow the rules… Parents felt that Goodtimer could be used as a positive reinforcement device for kids who really need structure and a way to shift behavior.

Recommended Age: 3 to 10
Price: $ 79.95

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