This is a scary, unprecedented and uncertain time for us all. As parents, the challenges are multiplied as we try to figure out how to replace the lost school days as well as ways to keep our kids (and ourselves) from climbing the walls. 

Here are some resources you can use to keep the days at home educational, productive and even fun!  We’ll be updating this page daily.

Tools and Advice for Virtual Learning

Set up and run an effective virtual classroom with these recommended tools and tips.

Resources for Digital Citizenship and Well-Being

Establish norms and expectations for online learning and support critical news literacy skills.

Parent Support for Learning at Home

Share these resources with families to help them keep kids entertained, engaged, and learning while they’re stuck inside.

Full STEM Ahead!

Free, live instructor-led online series. Kids learn to Code, Build, Invent, and Animate, and each episode is age-appropriately tailored for ages 8 to 18.