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Seal of Approval FAQ’s

1)  Can I still submit even if my product arrives after the deadline?

ANSWER: Yes, providing you get the rest of your submission to us by the end of the submission day.  This means the submission form, payment, electronic images, etc.

2)  I’m not sure what category my product fits in.

ANSWER: There are no categories, we only list them like that on the site to make navigation easier for parents.  If your product or service is currently on the market and is designed for use by children and/or their parents, then it is eligible for review.

3)  I don’t have or can’t find the submission form!

ANSWER: Just click this link ( SUBMISSION FORM DOWNLOAD ) and it will be downloaded to your designated download folder. It is an interactive PDF file which you can print or fill out electronically and then send in with your submission.  It is two pages, please read both, you will find most of your answers there.

4)  My submission is an app or website

ANSWER: In that case please provide us with download or access codes for our parent testers to use to that they can experience the complete range of your app or service. If there are in-app purchases please give us codes that will have them all included or send additional fees to do that on our end.

5)  I won’t have my product for another three weeks

ANSWER: It would be best to wait until the next testing period which is listed on page two of the PDF.  However late arriving products should not necessarily be held back.  The day we receive your samples they are put in front of testers and we begin collecting reviews. If at the end of testing, your product fails to collect the minimum number of evaluations required to make a determination then we simply move the entry (and the reviews) to the next testing period. You don’t have to do anything, it is all automatic.

6)  Can I fax or email the form?

ANSWER:  Yes, the fax number is 818-446-2795, the email for forms is

7)  I’m confused about the electronic image

ANSWER:  You can send images to us a variety of ways, CD, flash drive or via the email listed on the submission form  There is no need to send large hi-res files.  These are for web posting only so 72 dpi and 3″ max in either height or width will do.

8)  I see products with the Seal listed on Amazon. Will my product be noted as a Seal winner as well?

ANSWER: Amazon has elected to identify Seal winning products throughout their site. If you win a Seal yours can be noted with the designation as well. You may also elect, if you win, to show the Seal itself on your Amazon listing. This can be done with a license which is available to winners following the review period.

9) Should I send all my marketing material, sell sheets, safety certifications, press write-ups, testimonials, etc.?

ANSWER: No.  This is a consumer-oriented testing process.  We present products to parent and child testers for evaluation as they would discover it on store shelves or online.  They will not see your marketing materials, commercials, specs and the like.

10)  I already sent in my submission, did you get it?  Should I be worried?

ANSWER: If you followed the shipping instructions then you can feel confident that we have everything needed.  If there is something missing we will be in touch.  If you still need assurance, you can inquire (email is best), but please understand that we are quite busy processing all the submissions and we may not have all the details entered in the system at the moment.

Those are the most common questions but if you have any others, please feel free to give us a call at 818-225-8990.

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    1. Hello Wynne,
      We’re sorry you didn’t write to us directly, our website spam filter has been overly agressive. As we have told other companies who have inquired after the deadline, we offer the opportunity to do an expedited review. We run things differently during off-season review periods. If you would like we can send you the form to apply for that.
      Please write to
      Thank you

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A Seal of Approval review involves a multi-step process conducted over an eight-week period.

Parents and children, experience and review submitted products and services either already released or coming to market.

Participants fill out questionnaires for each product or service they test. They score based on 13 levels of criteria including quality, appeal, design, price, packaging, directions, desirability, stimulation, replay factor and more. Results are based on both statistical averaging and comments received by testers.

There are three testing periods each year:

Report Period


FALL ‘22


Testing Begins

February 15th

June 1st

September 1st

Submission Deadline

March 11th

June 24th

September 23rd

Testing Ends

April 24th

July 31st

October 30th

Report Issued

May 10th

August 17th

November 16th

Each submission must be accompanied by a $295 product testing fee (we offer multiple submission discounts). This fee covers the cost of testing, nothing more. It is non-refundable and has no bearing on the result of the testing. Additionally, we require three samples of the product or access codes for online submissions.

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