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Whatsitsface is a plush toy created to help little ones identify, get in touch with, and in some cases, help them express feelings. This isnt a classic, soft cuddly plush doll. The doll’s body is but the head, where the emotional interaction all happens, is hard plastic. There is a reason for that; its where all the emotional expressions are held. The head’s mechanism is a unique way for the toy to display six different emotions through six different faces. Parents appreciated the opportunity it gave both their children and themselves a tool for exploring feelings. Testers told us that they found themselves returning to this toy again and again as a teaching tool when describing big emotions and their various labels. They described it as extremely helpful as a visual aid when explaining to little ones what different emotions mean, how they feel, and what they might look like. Children responded to the concept quite well in those hard to handle moments given the toy’s inviting nature. We have to point out an issue that we hope the company will address in future versions of the doll. The knob at the top of the head can be tough to turn, and little fingers can get caught in the rigid plastic swiveling face mechanism. This means that parents might end up being the ones to manipulate and lead the exploration instead of children having the freedom to do so. As of this writing, we give that warning along with the worthy praise this concept deserves, a strong visual aid that helps explain emotional labeling, management, and understanding to younger children.

Recommended Age: 0
Price: $ 24.95

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