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Picking and giving pets

Pets can be wonderful for kids, providing companionship and great learning experiences. Dogs and cats are most common, but others-birds, fish, rabbits, gerbils and other rodents-are popular too. The advantage of having a dog or cat is that, with a little luck, it can be a companion and playmate to your child for many years. Hold off on acquiring a pet for a young child who is showing signs of asthma or allergies-pet hair often exacerbates these conditions.

If you have the child before you get the pet, do a little research, to be sure you get the animal that best suits your family. Topping your list of requirements, if you’re considering a dog or cat, should be gentleness and patience. For example, hounds, retrievers and spaniels are often good with children, while chows, terriers and German shepherds don’t have that reputation (though obviously there are many exceptions). Whichever has come first-the pet or the baby-may need a little help in adjusting to the presence of the other.

• Bring home a blanket or diaper you’ve put into your baby’s hospital bassinet and let the dog or cat that’s already part of your family get used to the baby’s scent before homecoming day.

• Pay extra attention to your pet if you’re introducing a new baby into your household, or if the pet is a stray whose background you don’t know about.

• Help your child learn to pat your dog or cat softly in the appropriate places and to play gently.

• Remember that puppies like to chew, just as babies do, and that their teeth are very sharp. Without intending to, your new pet can hurt your baby.

• Teach your child not to tease a pet or disturb one that is eating or sleeping.

• Be grateful if your child likes animals and is not afraid of pets in the neighborhood, but do teach him or her to use caution with strange dogs and cats-not all are friendly, even to friendly kids. A child should ask the owner before petting an unknown dog or cat.

• Watch your own pet around other children. It’s not unusual for a dog, especially, to want to “protect” a child or to be less tolerant of one outside the family than within it.

Pests such as fleas and even some illnesses can be transferred from pets to human beings, so you’ll want to establish good hygiene habits. Keep your pet clean, take a young one for routine checkups with the veterinarian and keep its immunizations up to date.

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Parents and children, experience and review submitted products and services either already released or coming to market.

Participants fill out questionnaires for each product or service they test. They score based on 13 levels of criteria including quality, appeal, design, price, packaging, directions, desirability, stimulation, replay factor and more. Results are based on both statistical averaging and comments received by testers.

There are three testing periods each year:

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Each submission must be accompanied by a $295 product testing fee (we offer multiple submission discounts). This fee covers the cost of testing, nothing more. It is non-refundable and has no bearing on the result of the testing. Additionally, we require three samples of the product or access codes for online submissions.

FYI about the Seal of Approval

* Winners of the Seal will be announced in a media release which is distributed to over 4700 media outlets including Facebook, Mommy bloggers and TV station websites.

* The report is forwarded to buyers at over 350 major retail and on-line stores including Amazon, Walmart and Target. Amazon features Seal winners on product pages.

* Each report is featured at TNPC’s web site as well as TNPC’s Twitter & Instagram accounts and Facebook Page.

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